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Digital Analytics

This Zettelkasten on Digital Analytics is a place for collecting ideas, letting them collide and build up over time, and maybe sharing something useful in the process. The system is open to anyone who wants to see it, but there’s no index or navigational aids.

Digital Analytics is about discovering, capturing and analyzing data. It’s also about building models to make predictions and personalizing customer experiences for the benefit of the organization. Lastly its about how to accomplish this with a Team and integrating it into an organization.

I define Digital Analytics on the basis of 6+2 Topics that build on and complement each other.

Picture of Topics stacked as a pyramid, enclosed by a circle for the topics teamwork and context

Together with define, this forms the base of all further Digital Analytics Work.

  1. define: What should be achieved, why and how? This is all about Discovery
  2. capture: All about Data, quality assurance, and even literacy.

These 3 topics form the core of Digital Analytics

  1. report the status quo
  2. analyze to understand the status quo, context, causal connections
  3. test to exclude chance and check these causal connections.
  4. predict is the where the next big step in monetization lies. But it makes no sense to skip to here while skipping previous topics. Create models to make predictions but also create personalizations and optimize customer approaches. “what-if scenarios”, “attribution moddels”

Along with these 6 Topics of what the digital Analytics work entails, 2 “meta” topics

teamwork on "how to get this work done


context on interfaces to everyone else inside and outside the organization

All Notes and unfinished scribbles