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photo of Lukas Grebe

Lukas Grebe

Freelance Consultant in Digital Analytics.
Based in Cologne, Germany

As fulltime freelance consultant, I help organizations revise processes through digital analytics. Working in digital analytics since 2008 I have build teams, infrastructure and processes for numerous companies, before switching to fulltime freelance work. Additionally I've been invited to speak at conferences, seminars and for e-learning platforms.

Certifications & Formal Education


Fluent in English and German. From Age 11 on, I spent 6 Years in the USA. Working Knowledge: Google Tagmanager, Google Analytics Premium, DataStudio, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, snowplow, Advanced SQL (joins, nested and repeated data, analytical functions), Excel, Powerpoint, HTTP, PHP Basic Knowledge: AWS, Google Cloud, Adobe Analytics, Mapp(Webtrekk), etracker, Power BI Tools for Excel, Tableau, D3js, Python

Recent projects & Experience

  1. Deutsches Komitee für UNICEF e.V.

    In my part-time role with the German committee for UNICEF - the United Nations Children’s Fund, I leverage my expertise in analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) to amplify their fundraising efforts.
    My driving purpose is to bring about meaningful and quantifiable change in UNICEF’s fundraising, thereby helping to mitigate the impacts of climate change on children—the demographic most affected yet least responsible.
    Looking ahead, I am committed to aligning my engagements only with organizations that embody the same values of environmental sustainability.

  2. DECATHLON Deutschland SE & Co. KG

    Decathlon was looking for a Sr. interim Analyst but schedule constrains did not allow me to fill that role. However i was able to help Decatlon build a standardized Analytics Documentation from scrach and help new Hires work with this Guide.

  3. Parfümerie Douglas GmbH

    The Analytics Team needed support in verifying their tagging standardization across multiple country setups and providing support for the respective Marketing Teams.

  4. Luxury fashion e-commerce

    An online marketing agency working for a luxury fashion e-commerce retailer asked me to join their client project to revamp data capture with the goal of creating a trustable single point of truth. I held a workshop to define and document the business goals and objectives. This documentation formed the basis to my audit of the existing Google Analytics and marketing technology setup.

    To implement the catalogue of changes of the audit, I supported the retailer’s web development and marketing teams with pull requests to their source repositories and Google Tag Manager.

    This project underlined the effectiveness of teaching client teams the business meaning reflected in technical tracking requirements, enabling them to improve and expand on their own accord.

  5. METRO Digital GmbH

    The product owner of web analytics for the worlds fourth largest retailer by revenue asked me to audit and support their global analytics efforts after switching from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics in all 26 countries.

    Working with over 30 internal client teams and very limited resources required and a special focus on the corporate context in wich the analytics effort operates.

    Besides getting more people on the team, my solution to freeing up resources on the team was to delegate data capture and basic reporting while still conforming to global governance requirements. To enable client teams with this work we streamlined the global analytics and tag management implementation, reworked documentation and training for increased data literacy. I successfully demonstrated this approach in working with a pioneer client, who by the end of our demo phase handled their own data capture and reporting with input from analytics limited to QA and release OKs.

    In the meantime, I worked with the scrum master on teamwork processes and workflows. I also developed a bespoke tool for automatic documentation and management of more than 100 analytics properties. A variant of this tool götterfunke is now freely availiable.

    This project emphasized the integrated nature of analytics and data in decision making. It focused less on technical requirements and more on people and workflows involved in data driven decisions.

    Reference contact for this project is Jörg Rüttgers

  6. Consulting for Customer Success Operations

    Exactag Düsseldorf, Germany

    Exactag, a marketing mix attribution service, asked for my support when changing their Customer Success Operations tech-stack. I managed the move of customer data and workflows from Pipedrive to Hubspot and its integration with Gainsight CS.

    Rethinking the post-acquisition customer journey, implementing playbooks and health scores with automation at its core allows for a new level of customer care.

    My key takeaway: An increasing costs per acquisition should enable a similarly increasing budget for expanding upon the success of existing customers.

  7. Senior Consultant Digital Analytics and Marketing

    Chefkoch GmbH Bonn, Germany

    Chefkoch – subsidiary of Gruner + Jahr and Bertelsmann – is the food website with the widest coverage across Europe, ranking 3rd globally. As Consultant after my parental leave, I used and further advanced the data and insights infrastructure I had previously built, to support Chefkochs paradigm shift to a user centric approach. My focus here was on advancing Chefkochs marketing to enable a personalized user communication.

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  8. Workshop in Digital Analytics

    Sparstrom Cologne, Germany

    As Startup in the energy sector Sparstrom asked me to help them improve their analytics capabilities.
    Within the scope of a full day interactive Workshop we ran through the current setup and pivoted to structuring the organizations goals and objectives. I introduced a methodology that enabled Sparstom to define a clear overview of initiatives within the organization and their respective data pipelines from capture to analysis and reporting.

  9. Buchbinder

    Digital Analytics Consultant

    Buchbinder wanted to optimize its marketing spending but needed to audit data and measurement first to validate any changes. After workshop to define and document goals and objectives and an in-depth audit of data capture, i created a set of change requirements to better suit their data needs.
    While implementation was handled on a lean and adaptive process, eventually all suggested change requirements were deemed necessary and implemented. report
    This project underlined the Agile and lean approaches possible in analytics, taking one step at a time.

  10. Team Lead Business Intelligence

    Chefkoch Gmbh Bonn, Germany

    With an increasing sophistication of data usage at Chefkoch, grew the demand for a comprehensive analytics and data team. Having an overview of requirements from my previous work at Chefkoch and leading the hiring process allowed me to shift into a leadership role. In years leading the analytics team to make Chefkoch more data driven, i was able to contribute to a comprehensive career development process for all employees at Chefkoch in conjunction with a salary review process for flat organizational structure.

    • Responsible for a staff of 2 digital analysts and 1 data scientist
    • Creating and managing a team retrospective and improvement culture
    • Clearing external requirements and expectation management in an agile and lean project environment
    • Staff development
    • Establishing team performance metrics
    • Switch from Webtrekk to Google Analytics

    define capture analyze report test predict teamwork context

  11. Senior Digital Analyst

    Chefkoch GmbH Bonn, Germany

    Starting out at Chefkoch GmbH, my work focused on building and growing a company wide insights infrastructure to enable data driven decisions.
    Among others tasks, this process encompassed

    • Full Scale Requirements Management and Analytics Implementation Audit (Webtrekk)
    • Customizing the implementation and Reporting infrastructure to better suit data needs
    • Training and Workshops with teams to increase data awareness in decision making
    • Project Management for a Bespoke Chefkoch Analytics Platform to superseed 3rd Party Vendors. At first via the Apache Big Data Stack (Hadoop) and Docker then the AWS Stack, finally settling on a Snowplow Analytics implementation.

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  12. Senior Web Analyst

    HRS Cologne, Germany

    HRS – Hotel Reservation Service and HRS Global Hotel Solutions is one of the market leaders in the global business travel market, and in Europe, HRS is one of the top three hotel portals. Working in a Web Analytics Team within the Business Intelligence Department of 23 People strengthened my insights into BI Processes beyond Web Analytics and working with raw Data on a large scale.

    • Ad-hoc Reporting for C-Level Stakeholders and Anomaly Task Force Groups
    • Planning, Creation, and Support of bespoke Reports (Adobe Analytics)
    • Consulting Product Management in data-driven decisions
    • Supervising Data Governance routines
    • Tag management (Tealium)

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  13. Digital Analyst & Product Owner (Scrum)

    Sparhandy GmbH (now Powwow GmbH) Cologne, Germany

    Sparhandy GmbH is the leading, independent, online reseller for mobile-contracts in Germany. Laying the groundworks for a data driven marketing approach i was able to use my experience in online marketing and web technology to act as interface between marketing and IT department. To alleviate constraints in Product Management my analyst role expanded in 2013 to include Product Ownership of

    • Web Analytics - Defining and implementing a digital marketing and measurement model and in-house training for Web Analytics (Google Analytics)
    • Website testing & usability optimisation
    • Developing and programming internal tools for process optimisation

    capture analyze report test context

  14. SEO Consultant and Application Developer

    metapeople GmbH Duisburg, Germany

    Now part of Artefact Global, Metapeople GmbH offers customised solutions for national and international online marketing projects in SEM, SEO, affiliate marketing, social media, and online media. During my time here i completed a certified vocational training as specialized computer scientist for application development while also working on the agency’s internal tracking technologies and working with customers in SEO.

    capture report

Speaking Engagements

  • 2018
    Expert Speaker for Tracking and Analytics
  • 2017 Analytics Summit, Hamburg
    Erfahrungen, Erkenntnisse und Ergebnisse, Google Analytics im Einsatz bei Chefkoch: Guten Appetit!
  • 2017 eMetrics Summit, Berlin
    Die Siebensachen einer eigenen Trackinglösung
  • 2016 Digital Analytics Hub, London
    Discussion Leader Data Visualisation – It Is More Powerful Than You Think!
  • 2015 Hochschule Fresenius, Cologne
    Guest lecturer online marketing and ecommerce
  • 2015 eMetrics Summit, Berlin
    Ein neues Rezept für Webanalytics, Erfahrungen beim Aufbau einer eigenentwickelten Webanalytics-Plattform
  • 2015 Digital Analytics Hub, London
    Discussion Leader Behaviour Modelling – In Search of Concrete Conversion Signals
    and DIY Analytics – Developing Your Bespoke Technology Stack
  • 2012 OMCap, Berlin
    Webanalytics and Customer Journey in der Praxis