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photo of Lukas Grebe

Lukas Grebe

Freelance Consultant in Digital Analytics.

key principles

  • Digital networks continue to grow and connect more people.
  • This increasing interconnectedness of society accelerates our world.
  • To keep pace and adjust to an accelerated market, organizations must establish customer data as a decision driver.
  • Integrating close-knit customer feedback loops forces organization structures to adapt
  • All areas, people, tools and processes of an Organisation will be impacted by this – starting by marketing, followed by product development.

I help Organizations work with customer Data and revise processes in this time of digital transformation.

My initial points of engagement tend to be self service analytics, data governance and data literacy.

work with me

Send me an email at Take a look at recent projects and CV

explore Digital Analytics

I keep a set of public notes on digital analytics in a digital garden and zettelkasten.